The change of seasons has brought about an impulse for us to follow suit. We’ve taken on the task of rejuvenating our show. That means upgrades to websites, equipment, learning new songs and updating our wardrobe. It sounds easy enough but in reality it means hundreds of dollars and hundreds of man hours to make it happen. Some of the changes will be unnoticed by the average onlooker but to our diehard fans who’ve seen us time and time again we hope the changes will be gratifying. These upgrades will be taking place bit by bit over the next few Read More …


We’ve come to the conclusion that Facebook is not a great means of reaching our fans. A lot of people don’t even use it and out of those who do a lot aren’t very active. Having less than 150 people out of over 1000 see a post is not very effective in our book. So this is your opportunity to be part of something that is dedicated to reaching you specifically. We hope you enjoy it and as always feel free to Like, Share and Comment as before.